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Company Details

Excondo is a consulting firm that serves leading businesses. We have grown into a multi-country operation with clients coming from over 20 countries.

Our clients find great value in and return on their investment by working with our professional team that is always there to help and respond to any legal or payment needs they might have.

Our partnership consists of dedicated specialists with extensive background in legal, private banking, managing finance, information security,payment solutions, e-commerce, regulatory and financial compliance as well as customer support.

From our points of presence in Vienna, Zurich, Bratislava, Riga we are equipped to serve clients in a variety of industries throughout Europe

International Business Companies

Company registration

Through our network, we offer clients International Business Companies formation (registration) in most key jurisdictions. Our team of professionals ensures that our service standards are of the highest level and are tailored according to each individual client’s needs based on carefully selected jurisdictions and solutions offering the best opportunities and advantages.

Limited Liability Partnerships

LLPs are increasing in popularity and are ideal for professionals and consultants who wish to retain the flexibility of a traditional partnership but require the benefits of a limited liability company.

Private Companies Limited by Shares

By far the most popular type of company formation is a private company limited by shares, commonly known as a limited company. Its purpose is to make a profit and distribute it to the shareholders. The main advantage of this type of corporate structure is to protect the personal assets of the owners (shareholders) as their liability is limited to the value of the shares issued.

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Banking Account

Banking institutions are facing an exciting, yet precarious, time

The money-laundering regulations for banks have been tightened up to a very high degree now. Major banks have come to trust our proven recommendations, experience and expertise.

We will assist you to open a bank account

In most cases, You will be required personally present your documents at Excondo for verification, as we act as Bank’s agent. We work alongside all types of banks, including commercial, private and retail banking clients. Depending of your Company’s jurisdiction, Excondo specialist will pick up the bestoption from the list below, and proceedwith you through account opening routine.






Czech Republic 



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We make the process of opening a merchant account easy and affordable


Payment solutions and products helping to grow your business

Now you start accept card payments for selling goods and services via online shops and corporate websites

Depending on the type of your business, we help select acquirer Bank and Payment Service Provider. We offer paperwork service, opening a merchant account, consulting. With powerful partnerships with many acquiring banks and Payment Service Providers in Europe and Asia, our experts will help find a solution.

Our partner’s merchant services will allow you to accept all major credit cards and debit cards, with no worries and waiting for decisions. We have many relationships in financial sphere which enable us to provide competitive rates as well as a variety of payment solutions. Give us the opportunity to provide you with better rates and service by contacting our experts today.

* We work with High Risk customers also

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Credit Card Solutions

Payroll, Business, Corporate, Premium and VISA Infinite Elite Cards

EXCONDO offers its customers bank cards on MasterCard and Visa international payment systems that operate in up to 200 countries.

Also, we provide additional opportunities and value added services to its cardholders. EXCONDO pleased to advise for selection of the following credit and debit cards depending on the particular needs of customers.

Payroll (salary)

cards are the cards used by employers for payment of salaries, bonuses and other like compensations to their employees.

Business Card

is a debit card used by management and personnel of a company in business trips, for overheads and other administrative expenses related to the business activity of the company.

Corporate Card

is a credit card used by management and personnel of a company in business trips, for overheads and other administrative expenses related to the business activity of the company

Premium / Platinum / Gold Card

is a credit card offered to private persons, company owners and managers for their personal use.

VISA Infinite Elite payment card

the most prestigious one offered by VISA International payment system.

With us you will have a credit card fit for all your needs — be they private or personal

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Financial Consulting Service

We try to find the best offer for your business

Excondo Solutions combines experience and expertise to help clients navigate all areas of financial management.

Excondo brings an accomplished group of professionals with a wide breadth of experience to provide strategic advice for our individuals and small businesses. Our team approach also ensures that we fully consider and exhaust all aspects of any particular financial or business matter.

  • Financial analysis and advice
  • Advisory service for financing

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